Jah Wobble


Q Magazine – September 1997

An extended orchestral composition, Requiem is new territory for the East End guru of groove, not least because of the near-absence of his trademark bass guitar. Constructed in five distinct movements, the opus builds on a dark overture of synthesizers and bells, before introducing impressively massed vocals and delicately arranged strings. The third movement revolves around a simple, Michael Nyman-style, woodwind theme before tom-toms, a brief blast of bass and a plangent choir enters, intoning the mantra,”He has risen” in portentously hymnal fashion. The finale, with organ and William Blake’s Jerusalem-quoting voices, is according to Wobble himself, “intentionally prolonged, it represents our continuing ascension and, with the entrance of the woodwinds, heralds our entrance upon a new life”. So now you know. ***

David Sheppard

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