Jah Wobble

Elevator Music Volume 1A

The Guardian – On the Edge – 26th March 2004

Jah Wobble acquired his moniker when Sid Vicious (aka John Ritchie) slurred his real name – John Wardle.
Wobble’s Elevator Music Vol 1A (30hz) is an enjoyable collection of dinner party electronica held together by the artist’s relentless bass riffs, with nice touches such as Harry Beckett’s trumpet on part 3 and Clive Bell (flutes and pipes) and BJ Cole (pedal steel guitar) on parts 1 and 11 – two versions of the same, Herbie Hancock-like tune. Wobble’s tongue-in-check liner note says: “Listen to the music at a level that is always slightly too low. The whole experience should be: uncomfortable, disconcerting, mildly irritating, vacuous and devoid of meaning.”

John Walters

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